Battery Management System Solutions

We provide comprehensive battery management system solutions for global battery enterprises, helping customers significantly improve battery safety and Operation management efficiency

  • Extending battery life

    Extending battery life

    DALY BMS has a passive balancing function, which ensures real-time consistency of the battery pack and improves battery life. At the same time, DALY BMS supports external active balancing modules for better balancing effect.

  • Protecting Battery Pack Safety

    Protecting Battery Pack Safety

    including overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, temperature control protection, electrostatic protection, flame retardant protection, and waterproof protection.

  • Intelligent services

    Intelligent services

    DALY smart BMS can connect to apps, upper computers, and IoT cloud platforms, and can monitor and modify battery BMS parameters in real-time.

Sufficient Reasons

  • Powerful factory

    Powerful factory

    the premier professional BMS brand offering manufacturer-direct sales and an ample supply of goods. With an annual output of 10 million units, our commitment to quality is upheld by over 100 senior technical personnel who provide comprehensive online support. Rest assured, our products are certified to meet the rigorous ISO9001 international standard."
  • Precision Manufacturing & High Quality

    Precision Manufacturing & High Quality

    Featured MCU, the chip works more efficiently; Pre-set screw positioning holes for easy installation; The buckle type connection cable is tightly and firmly connected; National patent glue injection process, waterproof, shockproof, and impact resistant.
  • Intelligent interaction

    Intelligent interaction

    Supports parallel connection of battery packs, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G communication, APP, upper computer can implement production data viewing, supports mainstream inverter protocol docking and multi screen display
  • Fully meet the needs

    Fully meet the needs

    Comprehensive product specifications; Accurate product parameters; Widely applicable fields; Quick response personalized customization


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